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Lies they told us in elementary school

"You are learning to write cursive because you will use it all the time in high school and on."

BULL! The last time I used cursive was in grade 6. I’m in my third semester of college now and NO teacher has ever complained.

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  • 1st year students crying on the last day of school: i'm gonna miss you.
  • Me: for fucks sake, you're gonna be stuck with these assholes for the next 4 years! Why are you crying!

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Supposedly hurricane sandy’s suppose to hit here.

Hopefully she’ll flood school so i can sleep. And hopefully those backup generators get fucked up, so school will be out for 2 days. Hurricane Sandy BRING IT ON!

Tests; me vs. My friend

  • Before test
  • Me: I can't fail this.I must pass.
  • Friend: I studied real hard, so i should do great.
  • After test (failed test)
  • Me: meh, I'll do better next time.
  • Friend: oh my god,how could i have failed this! Now i have no future, I'll become a bum and be homeless. I won't be able to get a job. I'm such a failure.
  • Me: I really want to kick you in the throat right now. It's one test, we still have like 10 to go.

Making new friends isn’t easy. *sigh* (especially for us, shy kids)  #college #school #friends  (Taken with Instagram)

Making new friends isn’t easy. *sigh* (especially for us, shy kids) #college #school #friends (Taken with Instagram)

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Daffy's knowledge

  • Daffy: School is like jail. Sadly, I've been to both.

I’m going to vent in the morning

Not now, cause it’s like 3:30am here and i should probably go to sleep…. Any hoo, goodnight!

My dear grandma

I just came back from my grandmother’s house. My sister and I actually went there to get money for her cali trip buuuuutttt instead of just handing us the money, so we could go and give in the money, We spent almost 2 hours looking for her pots and pans -_- Annny hoo, I saw my graduation gift, so I’m not that mad. But my sister is pissed, cause when we got to school to pay we found out the teachers had left.

Report cards

I keep having panic attacks. Ever since I finished exams last Wednesday, every few minutes/hours, my heart does this crazy thing and I can’t breathe for a few seconds. I’m actually really worried about my grades. The worse part is that report cards come out Wednesday………..